Cold Chain

Cold Chain Logistics


Our team consists of many experts with decades of experience handling cold chain shipments in all temperature ranges. Dedicated to the worldwide transportation and coordination of cold chain logistics. Optimizing is your high value, low risk choice in a very complex and regulated industry

We are GDP compliant and with the expertise to satisfy your active or passive shipping requirements, temperature integrity, Optimize combines experience and communication to make sure that your refrigerated, frozen and ambient clinical drugs, specimens, vaccines and research samples reach their destination intact and most importantly, without an excursion.

Key impacts

Eliminate Temperature Excursions through partnership with TIVE trackers to provide real-time information regarding light, temperature, and location
Worldwide Placement of validated cold chain packaging solutions and international customs clearance
Dedicated specialist and pre-conditioning out of Atlanta to provide domestic US customers pre-conditioned packaging ensuring temperature acceptance

Dangerous Goods

Documentation, packaging, labeling, and safe transportation of all your dangerous goods shipments. Regardless of the Class or UN Number, your hazardous materials can be transported.

Clinical Trial Logistics

Pre-trial consultation and coordination with CRO’s, Labs, Site Personnel and Sponsors to ensure safe and secure transportation of these time and temperature sensitive shipments.

Pre-Conditioning & Packaging

Through our worldwide network of offices and service partners, we provide validated cold chain packaging and dry ice almost anywhere in the world. Pre-conditioned and ready to use, we work closely with the top packaging manufacturers in the industry to choose the best packaging solution to fit the individual needs of your shipment. Optimize also provides data loggers and GPS monitoring equipment, so you always know the status of your shipment in real-time. With our help, your items can be packed correctly, transported safely, and delivered on time at the proper temperature.

TIVE, Real-Time Tracking

Optimize partners with multiple data loggers and GPS providers. Our premier partner, TIVE, provides real-time information into the shipment’s temperature, location, and light sensitivity during the entire delivery process, helping eliminate temperature excursions and service failures.

International Customs Clearance

Working with our client’s management, compliance, and logistics teams, we provide the right information to clear customs correctly the first time. Communicating specific order details such as commodity and specific country requirements so that each consignment is in order and delays will not occur.