(Aircraft On the Ground)

“Aircraft On Ground” (AOG) is a term that comes from aviation and refers to the maintenance of aircraft. The term “Aircraft on Ground” indicates that the problem is serious enough to ground an aircraft until the technical problem is corrected. Usually, tremendous haste is required to replace the defective parts of an aircraft as soon as possible to avoid further delays or cancellations.

AOG applies to any aircraft part needed to return an aircraft to safe flight. This can range from an engine part to life jacket, etc.

To perform AOG, the courier needs a certificate, both at the airport and during transport. In the Netherlands the certificate “employee airfreight” is available which is valid for 1 year. Every year Malenstein Global Logistics keeps this certificate up to date by means of training.

All couriers of Malenstein Global Logistics are in the possession of the certificate “employee airfreight”.

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